Child Support

When two marriage partners split and children are involved, child support is a very important part of the divorce that needs to be properly planned and configured.  Both parents are obligated to support their children to meet any and all needs.  When planning child support, it is most important to think of what the child will require to be safe, stable and comfortable in his or her home.  There are several factors and guidelines that are taken into account when adjusting the amount of child support required by one parent.  As experienced Panama City child support lawyers, we at Panama City Law Office have a close understanding of all the aspects investigated when creating a child support agreement.

Every situation and family is unique and has differing circumstances, and that is what makes these types of arrangements impossible to give a set answer to as far as “how much.”  We can meet with you to discuss your situation and what you can expect when determining child support for your child or children. We advise both custodial and non-custodial parents on issues involving child support, and we can help you to reach an amicable settlement with the other parent of your child.  Obviously our main goal is stability and constancy in your child’s life.  We want to help you navigate smoothly through this transitional period and maintain as much affinity between both parties as possible.